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The People

“Beauty awakens the sould to act” –Dante

You will discover the warmth that is Abruzzo from the moment you step out of your vehicle after climbing up the long road pointing straight toward the majestic Maiella Mountain. The people of Abruzzo are the most hospitable and generous you will ever meet.

The Abruzzese people have greatly influenced the world and have significantly contributed to literature, music, science, sculpture, poetry, technology, culture, commerce and cuisine. They are generally known for their localism and strict attention to family values and devoutness to the Christian faith and association with the Roman Catholic Church. Although there were people living in the Abruzzo region during the late Neolithic Period 5,000 B.C. to 2,000 B.C, most Abruzzese have a common Roman ancestry as well as a variety of other ancestries including Norman, Swedish, Spanish and Austrian.



The highest compliment that must be paid to the people is for their local cuisine. Throughout the rest of Italy, when one mentions places or people they know in Abruzzo, the guaranteed response is; “in Abruzzo si mangia bene!” (In Abruzzo, one eats well!). That is an understatement.

The Abruzzese people share an abundance of life and pleasure in their natural resources. They are keenly aware of the beauty that surrounds them. The mountains, the sea and the land bring them joy and help define who they are. There is no scarcity of pride in being Abruzzese. An expression we have used with the locals, at which they immediately nod in agreement is; “Anche se non siamo ricchi, viviamo una vita di richezza costante!” (Though we may not be rich, we live a life of constant richness!).

Many house-hold names hailed ancestrally from Abruzzo. A short list of these people include Madonna, Dean Martin, Tony Bennett, Mario Lanza, Rocky Marciano, Bruno Sammartino, Henry Mancini, Perry Como, Tommy Lasorda, Gabriele D’Annunzio, Francesco Paolo Tosti, Filippo De Cecco and Mario Batali.

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