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Custom Tours

For over 20 years now we’ve been touring the Abruzzo countryside, from its main cities to its remote villages and hermitages, from its ancient pagan sites to its medieval, Renaissance, and modern churches and monasteries, from its mountain tops to its glimmering Adriatic shores. We’ve cataloged and charted dozens of itineraries connecting the people, the mountains, the sea, the wild life, the culture, the music, the food and the Montepulciano D’Abruzzo wine. We are eager to draw on our deep experience and long-term relationships to take you places you’ve never dreamed of going, to share food and wine you’ve only dreamed of tasting, to fill the air with laughter and song, to introduce you to people who’ll soon feel like family, to encourage moments of spiritual contemplation and to fill your vacation with cultural astonishment to last a lifetime.

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Let us know what interests you the most, such as:

* Open Wine Cellars – Tastings at commercial and private select 5-star vineyards
* Celebrity Culinary Tour – Cooking classes, fine dining, guest instructor(s), wine pairings
* Soft Adventure – Mountain walks, hermitage discoveries, tiny hamlets, shepherds’ paths
* Life by the Sea – Pristine beaches and natural seaside reserves
* Trabocco Dining – Seafood feasts on a 150 year old fishing platform jutting out to the sea
* Festivals Far and Wide – Food, wine, entertainment, and fireworks
* La Vendemmia – Participation in the annual grape harvest and singing in the vineyards
* Truffle Hunting – Guided hunts in the morning and cooking with truffles for dinner
* La Raccolta – Harvest time, olive picking, picnicking and tours of the ancient olive mills
* Local Artisans – Cheese makers, saffron growers, jewelry makers and other artists
* Medieval Tour – Medieval villages, castles, Abruzzese epic cuisine, falconry, a historic joust

After we’ve conferred with you, we can plan your visit, start to finish, whether for five days, eight days, or longer. We can be entirely flexible throughout; this is YOUR adventure. We’ll take care of planning your whole trip from the moment you arrive at Rome’s Leonardo DaVinci/Fiumicino Airport, to the moment you return for your departing flight. You choose your journey; we take care of every detail.

Do You Have Family Roots in Abruzzo or Other Parts of Italy?
We are uniquely equipped to help you to discover your family roots in Abruzzo. So far, we have 100% success rate. We can offer you pre/post tour arrangements to help you find your family or visit your ancestral village and learn some of their traditions. Our experience has shown this to be one of the most delightful experiences; locating long lost family or discovering your ancestral home. View this YouTube video to see a lovely example of finding relatives for the first time.  Your Tour Leaders are fluent in both local dialect and the national Italian language, which is essential in helping you to discover your Abruzzese roots.

Do You Want to Take a Private Excursion to Some Other Great Italian City?
If you plan a stay with us for longer than a 5-day tour, we can also take you to see Venice, Rome, Milan, Florence, Alberobello, or so many other wonderful places as a separate, customized Private Excursion. Several of our satisfied guests who have done so have repeatedly remarked; “but now I want to go back to Abruzzo.

For any further information please fill out the form on line or send an email to info@abruzzopresto.com