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Private Excursions

Do You Want to Take a Private Excursion to Another Great Italian City?

Do you want to explore the wonder and history of Italy with an Abruzzo Presto! Private Excursion? You can augment your experience with us by exploring one of Italy’s great cities that you’ve up to now only dreamt about – maybe Rome, Florence or Venice? Plan a 5-day tour or longer with us, and we can offer you one of a variety of Private Excursions. From your home base in Abruzzo we’ll travel to another of Italy’s most popular sites. We’ll provide you a “pot-hole” free experience through the Vatican and Sistine Chapel, we’ll bring you to throw a coin in the Trevi Fountain (Rome), or we’ll show you the delight of sipping wine on the Rialto Bridge during a Venetian sunset (Venice), or guide you through sightseeing and shopping on the magnificent Ponte Vecchio (Florence).

In addition to what will be an unforgettable Abruzzo experience, you can enjoy a totally personalized Private Excursion to an Italian city of your choice at a pace that’s most comfortable for you. We’ll provide the itinerary for you with the important benefit of having us, your hosts and personal guides at your side.

We highly recommend Abruzzo Presto’s Private Excursions for families, singles and two or three couples. Create lifelong memories of your trip to Italy and let us help you customize an itinerary that’s just right for you.

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